TH Concert at Brussels FN on 14.10.07





tokiohotel-belgium.net is proud to join forces with tokio-hotel.be for the preparation and set-up of the THA4 action.

1. What is the THA4 action about?

The action is about distributing A4 white papers featuring a large TH black logo.
Plan is to engage the audience to show the paper up in the air while Wo Sind Eure Hände is playing at the Brussels concert.
We hope that this action will surprise the Tokio Hotel band and make it a night to remember for the lads as this will be their first ever concert in Belgium.

2. Why an A4 paper?

The paper doesn’t take a lot of space, so you can easily fold it and carry it with your concert ticket.

3. What will this A4 paper look like?

The paper layout is portrait (wide: 21cm – high: 29,7cm).
The TH logo will be displayed on the front of the paper. Click
HERE to save the picture.
A short text explaining the mechanism of the action will be displayed at the back of the paper and will be translated into four languages so everyone can understand it: French, Dutch, German and English. Click HERE (.jpg) or HERE (.doc) to save the picture.
Please do NOT write anything else on the paper. Thanks.

4. What we need you to do in order to help with the THA4 action?

4.1. Save the front & back sides of the paper and print them on a 2-sided paper.
Think about making several copies so you can also hand out papers to the persons coming with you.
If you can print or make more copies, and that you can also easily take them with you to the concert, please let us know. The more paper you can carry with you, the more you can distribute around you on the d-day.
The objective is to have in the end 5000 papers distributed across the whole concert hall.

4.2. Talk about the THA4 around you, especially to those who you know will be attending the show in Brussels. Copy the link hereafter (tokiohotel-belgium.skynetblogs.be) on your own blog, website or forum in order to spread the word-of-mouth.

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